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80Kgs SWL Column Mounted Jib Cranes - Under-Braced

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80Kgs SWL Column Mounted Jib Cranes - Under-Braced





80Kgs Column Mounted Under Braced Jib Crane. Manufactured in the UK. Designed for low height situations or use with powered trolley. Jib Arm can be manufactured to any length between 2m-6m and slew through 180° giving a very wide working area. 

£819.98 ex VAT

£983.98 inc VAT

Please contact our sales team if the following extras are required:

1 - Adjustable Slew Limits
2 - Slewing Lock
3 - Installation

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ULS Lifting Solutions are pleased to offer our UK manufactured and fully certified range of 80Kgs capacity column mountable under-braced Jib Arms. Idea solution for use within a factory or workshop that has structural steelwork, pillars or stanchions. By manufacturing the clamp around swing Jib arm from I-Beam steel enables the strengthening to be engineered under the Jib Arm thus creating a more compact Jib that can be used in areas that may be restricted by height. Another great selling point to the Under-Braced Swing Jib Arm enable the use of a powered trolley to assist the movement along the beam, idea if the Jib arm is being used over a tank or raised floor areas. The arm is designed to have either a manual or powered trolley, making it even more simple for connecting to your hoist, spring balancer or vacuum lifter.

Supplied in a simple two part kit form, the main slewing arm which the hoist will move along, and a pair of brackets that will clamp around the pillar or column. The two parts are connected using the supplied pivot pin. The arm can be manufactured to any length between 2m and 6m and the arm is designed to slew through 180° giving a very wide working area.

Please note - Anti-Slip measures must be taken to ensure the Jib Arm does not slip or move down the column once fitted. Ultimate Lifting Solutions can advise or can Install all types of Jib cranes and Jib Arms. 

Dimensions for 80Kgs Column Mounted under-braced Jib Cranes (for illustration only)
ModelSWLArm Length (R) Radius of reach
Bracket WidthArm Height (B)Total Weight
2,000mm (2m)
3,000mm (3m)
4,000mm (4m)
5,000mm (5m)
6,000mm (6m) 
All Column Mounted Jib Cranes supplied by Ultimate Lifting Solutions Limited are supplied with Duty Classification A3 according to BS733 : 1990
All Column Mounted Jib Cranes supplied by Ultimate Lifting Solutions Limited are supplied fully tested & Certified.
Paint Finish is a high quality Yellow Powder Coat to RAL1004 - other colours available on request.
Galvanised Column Mounted Jib Arms and Stainless Steel Column Mounted Jib Arms available on request.

Why Choose a Under-Braced Column Mounted Jib Crane?
There are many advantages in purchasing a clamp around Mounted Jib Crane, they are extremely versatile within the factory, speeding up lifting and moving components off presses or work benches, loading or unloading lorries. Lifting heavy objects such as granite, timber or steel. Manufactured with a I-Beam enable this style of swing Jib arm to be used with either a push travel or motorised travelling trolley
Column Jib cranes are made up of two main parts, the arm and set of brackets to attach to existing steelwork, therefore these simple manual jib crane do not have many parts to maintain, making them extremely reliable, which in turn means they do not break down, so no loss in production time. 

Easy to install
These column mounted swing cranes simply just bolt to existing columns, pillars, stanchions or any suitable structural steelwork, once you have checked your column is suitable for a jib crane, choose which one you require from the drop down menus, we will arrange to manufacture the jib and dispatch it direct to site for your required delivery date. Then, when it is supplied to site, The Jib just needs to be secured to the steelwork (Anti-slip measures must be taken to ensure that the jib crane can’t slip down the support column) -  We at Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer this service, and can offer full installation by using our own highly trained engineers or just the commissioning/ load testing, we can offer a package to meet your requirements.

Because of the simple design they are inexpensive to both buy and maintain compared to other cranes. under normal working conditions, they will only need an  industry standard 12 monthly service. We at Ultimate Lifting Solutions offer this service and can offer various maintenance / service packages to meet your requirements.

How do Swing Jib Arm work?
A standard column mountable swing Jib Arm as mentioned has two main parts - The Arm and mounting brackets. The arm can rotate from left to right and vice versa, the swing or slew angle is set at 180° as standard. On all our I-Beam style swing jib arms up to 1,000Kgs they will slew with ease without the requirements of powered assistance, hence keeping the costs down.
The arm on our Jib cranes will be supplied with a integral push travel trolley, this moves along the full length of the arm, the trolley gives you the freedom and flexibility to reach into corners of your factory with ease. 

What else is required for column Jib Crane? 
You now have your Swing Jib fitted. You now need a hoist of some type or a vacuum lifter, Lifting Chains or a spring / tool balancer, these fit easily to the Jib crane via a travelling trolley.  You just need to decide what hoist do you need. To keep the costs down a manual hoist is the cheapest option, but you will not save on production time, as they are slow and do need the assistance by hand, and sometimes for larger items, you might not be able to reach the hoist chain. The second option and best option is an Electric Hoist, these hoists enable you to easily lift and lower your components quickly, cutting down on production time, it will soon pay for itself in time saved.

Installation of Column Mounted Swing Jibs
As mentioned above, the Swing Jib Arm can be an easy install, once installed and the hoist fitted, all that is left is commissioning, testing and signing off the Jib as safe to use. we are more than happy for all our customers to install themselves using the instructions supplied or find their own installation team. But, these days time is precious , do you have time to sort engineers and dates etc, Let us save you time as we are also more than happy to offer our own engineers to take away this task. We can install the Jib, install the Hoist, commission, test and we will not leave site until everything is working correctly and safely.  

Ask the Experts about Swing Jibs and Cranes
Ultimate Lifting Solutions, with over 40 years experience within both the crane industry and lifting gear industry are happy to assist with any questions with regards to Jib cranes and lifting gear. We want our customer to choose the correct kit for the correct job and the best price. So we are always available to answer questions and help design bespoke crane systems or discuss the lifting gear to hang off the crane or discuss the installation of the Jib Crane. Contact Ultimate Lifting Solutions team today by telephone 01384 986 026 or by email

All our manufactured swing Jib arms are

Duty classification:  A3 according to BS 733 : 1990 

All jibs are lubrication free. The pivot bushes are acetal and therefore do not require lubrication.

Manual slewing operation.

Minimal maintenance requirement.

Clutch controlled slewing mechanism, can be tightened/loosened to control how freely the arm pivots.  

Bases are fully welded to the column – in most situations this removes the need for an oversized load spreading plate or setting an anchor frame into concrete, and therefore making installation much quicker and more cost effective.   

Key Points of our UK manufactured Jib Cranes

SWL - 80kg .

Arm length - 2m up to 6m .

Slew Angle - 180-degree manual slew..

Trolley - Can be Fitted with push travel trolley or powered trolley for suspending hoists, vacuum lifters and tool balancers from.

Fast delivery - We aim to delivery all our Swing Jibs within 10 to 14 days

Optional extras

Adjustable slewing limits, To reduce the swing arc

Slewing lock, to fix the arm in to a specific position

Electrical Isolator - required if electric hoist to be used in conjunction with the Jib Arm


Full Electric Kit - Our kit includes everything required to fun Electric Hoist (Isolator, Flatform Supply Cable, Cable Runners)

Optional Floor Fixing Bolts

Kit can be supplied to enable the pin to be fitted from below.

Column Mounted Jib Cranes as a rule do not need much service or maintenance. Yet, general observations of the overall condition of the jib and the hoist connected to it can be carried out by the operator - any faults should be reported immediately

More importantly to keep the Jib and hoists running at maximum efficiency and to keep within the UK laws with regarding LOLER inspections set out by HSE, both the Jib and the hoist on it should have a maintenance service scheduled no later than 12 months. This service should be undertaken by qualified service engineers - If you would like to know more about the servicing and general maintenance, please feel free to contact us, we do have qualified engineers and are happy to quote for all your crane servicing requirements.

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